Security Hub

Do you find yourself asking: “How quickly can we respond to an incident?” “How quickly can I assess if we are in compliance? “How quickly can we provide supporting evidence of our compliance?” “Is there a better way to store and catalog our evidence?” “Is there a way to diagnose our current system’s situation and preform a forecast?”

The Sath Security Hub is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which provides an organization a single platform to view their IT security infrastructure. The platform allows all levels of employees, from an analyst to a C-level, end to end visibility with a security focus. Sath Security Hub assists in the planning and delivering of IT security services. It incorporates ITIL best practices with a security focus and provides a platform for managed security solutions.

Security Hub Features:

  • Information Security Dashboard
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Analytics to support the level of security & compliance
  • Aggregate data & reports from multiple IT security applications
  • Catalogs all critical asset configurations, baselines, security profiles & assessments
  • Schedules automated recurring tasks
  • Initiates automatic workflows & tracks completion
  • Critical Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) workforce management

Security Hub Benefits:

  • Works with multiple IT security framework
  • Provides predictive & prescriptive analytics for IT security
  • Stores & catalogs asset specific procedures for maintenance & assessments
  • Organize workforce for IT security support
  • Streamlines a compliance audit by maintaining standards & operational procedures

Security Hub Use Cases

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